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Beauty and the (out of focus) beast (365:106)

Beauty and the (out of focus) beast by Gary Allman

I had a self-portrait planned for today.

It involved putting the camera on the tripod, gathering the family, and taking a picture with Dash and Leslie. The plan was fine, the execution impossible, I was just too busy taking the wedding pictures to fit it in. I’m lucky I got one at all, as I took two shots and this is the fairly heavily edited best of the pair.

Not to worry though, the day wasn’t about my project, and I got some superb pictures though this is probably the only sneak preview I’ll show. With over 500 pictures it’s going to take a while to do the processing. The F2.8 70mm-200mm lens was an absolute godsend and made all the difference on the shots of the ceremony.

Unbeknown to me the architect of the church sat in on the wedding – I even got a picture of him. I wish I’d known as I would have asked who designed the sanctuary lighting and hopefully prevented the future use of sodium lights in up-lighters in an area where ambient light photography is required.

Lanie, Katie and Alek all did a super job, and Ginger was great, pointing out shots I might otherwise have missed, holding and directing the flashgun, positioning the reflector and passing equipment to me. It was a long and tiring day, and I promptly fell asleep once we got home. Not for too long though, as a barbecue and several Jack Daniels and Coke with the parents of the groom, Tom and Rebbie beckoned.   

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  1. yes, it is the very truth: you all did a sterling job, and i hope you will have recuperated by now! thank you again for a massive job done massively well!!