Gary in the parish hall kitchen (365:013)

Gary in the parish hall kitchen Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved

There was a time when I would have scoffed at the concept of a drive through ATM.

But no longer. It’s much warmer, faster, easier and safer than standing on a wet and windy street corner. Today’s picture was going to be of me at the drive through cash machine, but I didn’t like the only decent picture I got there.This evening was my EFM class and it was my turn to bring the evening meal. The class is held at Church, and while I was setting out the meal in the Parish Hall kitchen I took a self portrait. For our meal Ginger made a lentil soup that seemed to go down very well. It’s good stuff for a cold day. I bought some pita bread to go with the soup and a cheesecake for dessert. Fortunately there were five slices of cheesecake left over so we can all have a slice tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, the kids are now home for four days. with freezing temps outside they’ll probably be getting a bit stir crazy quite quickly. Fortunately Lanie’s going to the grandparents’ Saturday for a couple of days. With overnight temps 25-30°F, our planned backpacking trip for this weekend has probably been thwarted. Darn I knew we should have tried out the tent in the backyard when it was a bit cold the other night!

Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.