Lesson 15 (365:012)

Lesson 15 by Gary Allman

Today the plan was to get my homework and some other things done.

We started the day with temperatures of 2°F (-16.6°C). As I’m not the one doing the early morning school run, I was able to stay nice and snug and warm. Though I passed on the option of staying in bed and got up as soon as Ginger and the kids left the house. I ought to try and get a picture of what the warmly dressed Englishman abroad is wearing nowadays. But I’ve not found a suitable location to take the picture except the garage, and it’s far too nippy out there right now. Let’s just say woolly socks and base layers and leave it to your imagination.

As I dislike wearing anything on my feet, having to wear shoes and socks is a bit of a blow. In the house my feet were getting cold with nowt on them, so I’ve been wearing some nice woolly socks Ginger knitted.

This morning I worked on my homework and took a couple of safety shots, just in case I lost interest or didn’t get a chance later.

Out take: Loading up the van at Food 4 Less
Out take: Loading up the van at Food 4 Less

After lunch we went grocery shopping, first to Wal-Mart for some essentials, and then on to Food 4 Less. It was after shopping in Food 4 Less that I took what I thought would be my picture for today. Ginger refused to get into the shot with me, claiming cosmetic and cat fur disasters. So I sat on the tail gate of the van and snapped away. One thing I’d have liked to get a picture of was the ice crystals in the air. The air was full of sparkles, but they were far too ephemeral and tiny for me to be able to capture them.

Once the shopping was done we had just enough time to dump the groceries on the garage floor for Ginger to move them into the house while I did the school run, which went without incident. Keen to get even more done, when I got back I worked on the Church website, so that is now up-to-date. Then it was out again to take Kids to Youth Group and do a bit of voluntary work maintaining an errant computer.

Back home again and it was time to review my shots for the day. There’s nothing wrong with the shot I took outside Food 4 Less, but I prefer the safety shots and I’m going with this one. Now one of us just needs to venture out again to collect the kids from Youth Group and then we can settle down for the night. We have wine, we have movies. That’ll be nice.

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