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Trying out my new sleeping bag (365:094)


Technically speaking its a quilt and not a sleeping bag, however, the the net result is the same. I found a nice summer weight bag at 40% off retail price, hopefully it should be good for temperatures from 40°F up. Though after the very disappointing results we had last year with the 20°F Big Agnes bags – which we found very cold at just 40°F, I’ll reserve my judgment until after I’ve had a chance to try it out properly. The good news is that it only weighs 1 lb 5 oz. and it compresses really small.

Apart from my sleeping bag, I invested in a new battery for the Nikon today. The original battery is only giving me 50-100 shots. I didn’t want to spend more money on the darned thing, but as I’ve not been able to select a replacement camera yet, I’m going to have to keep it going. The prime contender as a replacement is the FujiFilm FinePix X100. Unfortunately although the camera has been released in Europe, only very small numbers have found their way into the US thus far. With the current situation in Japan it looks like it will be quite a while before I can get my hands on one and see if it really is everything I think it is. While getting the battery I also looked at trying a F2.8 70-200mm lens for some low light pictures. Decisions, decisions.

Today’s alternate shot

Trying out my new sleeping bag (2)
New bag, existing sleeping pad and some added cat fur. What more does one need for a good night’s sleep?

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