Studying with cats (365:126)

Studying with cats (365:126). Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

This week I did my studying on a Friday.

That’s because the class has been moved from Thursday night to Saturday so we could have a mini-retreat. I had two (long) chapters to get through today so I set aside most of the day to get it done. I started off working in the lounge, when Lanie came home from school she wanted to watch a DVD so I moved to the peace and quiet of the bedroom to finish my studies. The cats also thought this a good idea as shortly afterward they came and joined me. Today’s picture features me (obviously), Tubby, Getzger and Blue Kitty, who was being unnaturally social and at the same time a pain; she was constantly trying to sit on my books.

Earlier in the week while working out ideas for my next backpacking wood stove I thought up a couple of ideas that might improve the current one. When I’d finished preparing for class, I went out and made a couple of modifications and set the stove aside for testing. After dinner we tried it out with great success, bringing a pot containing just under a litre of water to a rolling boil in around fifteen minutes. Result.   

Today’s alternate shot & extras

Studying with cats
First, two cats turned up…
Batch-loaded, inverted down-draft gassifier wood stove
With a couple of modifications, the stove now works well.

Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.