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My once a week ‘Studying’ picture (365:097)


Thursday keeps on coming around every week.

I had time for one quick test of the infamous wood burner before settling down to my studies for this week’s class. The wood burner experiment hints at possible improvements, my studying produced more mixed results. I’m finding this part of the course quite a hard slog, as the content seems to have got a bit repetitive.

I had a better shot to use for today, but I managed to miss the focus point somehow and it’s not focused properly. Definitely my fault this time and not the cameras. Sometimes I think things were easier when autofocus wasn’t an option. Unfortunately my eyesight and the unhelpful focusing screen on the camera precludes that option.

Today’s alternate shots

Studying for tonight's class
This was my favorite shot; a car drew up next door and I glanced up to check it out. Shame I’m not in focus.
Studying for tonight's class
Studying for tonight’s class

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