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Exercise – Mowing the front yard

Oops. It seems I might have pushed a bit too hard dealing with the overgrown mess that our front yard had become.

Today the temperatures eased off slightly for the first time in many weeks. It was just low enough for me to venture out to tend to the front yard for a few hours. At my age 164 BPM is higher than I should push it but nowhere near as high as it got when I was hiking back in May. I need to remember to take a bit more care, and stop and check my heart rate more often when I’m exerting myself. 155 BPM is the recommended limit for me.

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  1. Hello Gary, So please can you tell me what sort of heart monitor/ watch/ fit-bit is it you use to monitor your heart? Not that I wear a watch on my wrist nowadays, too allergic to everything!

    1. It’s a Galaxy 4 Watch. I got it because it has FDA approval for ECG recording. However, there is a huge but involved. The watch ECG recording only integrates with a Galaxy Phone. It’ll integrate heart rate okay to most modern phones though.

      Unless you are in the market for a new phone I wouldn’t recommend one.

      There is a whole tranche of heart monitors on the market now as they are becoming very popular with fitness fanatics. None are inexpensive.

      For just heart rate a Fitbit works quite well and was what I used before I decided I wanted to grab ECG traces on the fly. Not that I’ve done anything with the traces 🙂 I could bore my cardiologist with them I suppose.

      In order for them to work properly the devices have to be worn quite tight. In my experience sweat accumulates under them causing irritation. I now douse my wrist in hand sanitizer at the start of each day (seems to work!).