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Sprinky – My desk-buddy

Sprinky’s been living on my desk for a week now.

Yesterday I thought Sprinky had finally grown tired of laying on my desk, but no, here she stays, pretty much 24 x 7, She only gets down for bathroom breaks and when I give her her meds — she’s on 150 ml of subcutaneous fluids every day, plus some other stuff she hates, and we argue over every morning and every night.

Putting a drip into a cat was not one of my life goals, but then again neither was giving a cat an inhaler twice a day (that would be Tubby). There’s a couple of photo opportunities I’ll have to set up. I admit I am a very reluctant James Herriot with no bedside manner, so it’s quite surprising when Sprink sits on my lap purring all the time she’s on the drip. I’m even more surprised when she stays on my lap after we finish.

I’m Watching You.

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