Tidying away (365: 25)

Tidying away by Gary Allman

I need to find my tennis ball.

My day started early with the school run at seven-thirty. Back home I finally put all the boxes of Christmas decorations out in the shed where they belong. 

There was a visit to the bank and some shopping required. While shopping I spotted a display of ‘Valentine’s Day Monsters’. I liked their color so much I decided to take a quick safety shot with them.

While Ginger put the shopping away, I put away our kayaking socks and shoes from last Saturday. To do this I had to lower my Kayak from its berth on the garage ceiling. While it was down I retrieved my Emergency kit. I thought this activity might make today’s picture, so I set up the camera and once more encountered the ‘out of focus’ problem. This time to make doubly sure it was the camera and not me, I asked Ginger to look through the viewfinder as I took the shot using the remote. Sure enough, the camera wasn’t focusing. It took a lot of fiddling around to get a couple of in-focus pictures. D’oh!

While I was taking the pictures I flicked our hanging tennis ball up into Ginger’s kayak so it wouldn’t be in the shot. We use the ball to tell me when to stop so I don’t plow into all the stuff stored at the end of the garage. I forgot about it until later when I came to park the car and had to use the ancient art of ‘touch parking’. I retrieved the bit of string to which the ball is attached only to find the ball has gone awol. So now I’m going to have to lower Ginger’s kayak and find the missing ball.   

Today’s alternate shots

Valentine's Day Monsters

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