Sometimes one pair of glasses just isn’t enough. (365:038)

Sometimes one pair of glasses just isn't enough. By Gary Allman

Not an easy task for the optically challenged.

I thought I’d got my 365 shot for today, this morning, when I took a picture of myself warming my feet on Getzger’s belly. This afternoon the power cord on the laptop broke (again), and I decided to photograph the repair in progress for posterity. I did this mainly because I can only do close work like this if I don another pair of glasses over my existing ones, and with my warped sense of humor I find that funny.

Shortly after I took this picture an attempt to take a shower was almost thwarted by Ginger’s parents, in town for a short visit. I held true to the task in hand, let them in, dived back into the bathroom, had a quick shower and then did the entertaining, albeit in my robe, until Ginger’s return from the school run with the kids gave me a chance to get dressed again.

Other good news. I received a package and letters from the UK. It was posted in 2010 and only arrived today, that’s a long time for a smallish parcel to be delivered. It’s probably spent a month lost in a snow drift somewhere.

I guess I ought to try and get a new pair of glasses before this project is finished. We’ll see. I’ve been saying that for at least three years.

Today’s alternate picture

Getzger foot warmer
Out take: Getzger foot warmer

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