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Layover at Chicago (365:166)

Layover at Chicago (365:166). Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

UK Vacation – Day 1. The day was going well until I checked on my camera

Our friend Tim arrived promptly to take us to the airport, we’d already run the gauntlet of the American Airlines online check-in system so all we had to do was hand over our bags. I had managed to squeeze all my clothes into my carry on bag, and fitted our tent and my backpacking stuff into my hold luggage. The only thing we didn’t bother to pack was a stove; we decided to buy a small gas stove once we got to the UK.

The only other bag I had was my messenger bag, which I use to carry my cameras around, and for the trip it was also carrying my netbook. I like the messenger bag for carrying my camera stuff, it doesn’t shout ‘expensive camera gear’ to any nearby opportunists the way a camera bag might. It’s also very practical as you can get at the contents very easily.

We got through security with no problems, I had to run my netbook through the machine separately, as I returned the netbook to the messenger bag with my camera I noticed with a sick feeling in my stomach that the Nikon’s body and lens were no longer a single item; the lens mount on my brand new camera/lens had broken. That’s two broken lens mounts on two cameras in as many months. What a great thing to discover on the first day of a month long vacation. To say I was now in a foul mood would be an understatement.

I hadn’t packed a lens end cover or camera body blank, so we scrounged a couple of plastic bags from one of the airport shops, and wrapped the lens in one and bandaged up the body with a bag and bandanna to try and keep the dust and dirt out.

There was nothing else to be done except enjoy the flight, if you can ever enjoy a long international flight. We had a seven hour layover at Chicago before flying to London. I really don’t like Chicago airport, there’s little to no seating except at the gates, which is not very helpful for anyone on a long layover. While we were wandering around passing the time I took a quick safety shot on my compact camera. This was just as well as it was the only picture I took.

I’m glad to say the flight to the UK was uneventful – which was just how I like them!

Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.