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Late night self portrait at the kitchen table (365:110)


Once again I had a plan. Once again, unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

Tonight I had a boys’ night out while the kids were at Youth Group. I was going to take advantage of this and grab my picture with the guys at Ebbets Bar. Unfortunately, there was an ‘event’ at Ebbets, so we went to the Springfield Micro Brewery instead. There were no tables near our booth to rest the camera on, so that idea didn’t work out. I had a great time with the lads. We ought to try and get out more often.

In the end I took this last minute self-portrait sitting at the kitchen table before going to bed. Ginger sort of helped. I say sort of helped because her idea of helping was to keep putting Getzger on the kitchen table in front of me.

Today’s alternate shot


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