Last thing on a Tuesday night (365:046)

Last thing on a Tuesday night

Today wasn’t such a good day.

I ended up spending a lot of the day in pain. Not good for my temper, or those around me.

On the plus side, I got most of my coursework done for this week, there’s just a small bit to finish off tomorrow. I’ve retrieved the backpacking box and backpacks from the shed. Partially because I need some para-cord but also because we plan on go backpacking this coming weekend.

We finished the day by watching an episode of Inspector Morse. It was only at bedtime I remembered I hadn’t taken a picture today.

It is surprising how insidious the traps are in the 365 days project. I have had a run of photographic luck, and suddenly I find myself in the mindset that I shouldn’t post anything that’s not at least average. I spent a lot of time and took sixty odd pictures in two locations to get today’s picture. I even juggled with a reflector in one hand and a cat in the other at one point.

So I’m duly chastised, the pictures are a nice by-product, but they’re not the ‘be all, end all’ of this project. Let’s see how long it takes me to forget that.

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