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Gary and Ginger in ‘Urban Market’ (365:118)

Gary and Ginger in ‘Urban Market’ (365:118). Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Slight change of plan today.

Ginger returned from the school run with tidings of yard sales, not just any yard sale, but a church yard sale, so off we went.

To prevent rampant purchasing we maintain ‘to buy’ lists, the idea being that stuff not on the list doesn’t get bought, scotching most impulse purchases. On the whole it works, though I spent $4 on $30 worth of audio cables that wasn’t on the list. I don’t think we got anything that was on the list, which was annoying as I wanted to find a small aluminium pan to go on my wood burning backpacking stove.

We dropped off our goodies at home and decided to go out again and check out a couple of flea markets. I was waiting to find out if I was cooking dinner for class tonight, so we had time to spare. We went round three flea markets and today’s picture was taken in the third – Urban Market. Ginger has this habit of standing behind me when I take a picture of both of us – she says it’s so that she doesn’t look bigger then me, but the normal result is that I’m in focus and she isn’t. Anyway I’m taller by half an inch, I just choose to wear very flat shoes, so there.

I found an aluminium pitcher just the right size for the wood burner at the rather worryingly named STD. Now I’ll need to fire up the stove again and test it.

I made cottage pie for eight in the afternoon which seemed to be well received at class (no green beans or mushroom soup in my recipe). Mary’s cheesecake was much better than the cottage pie though – yum! Hopefully I haven’t poisoned anyone.

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Useless Hammer
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Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.



  1. That useless hammer begs the question, “Why?!” I am thinking it would have taken less energy to put it into file 13 than to price it and cart it to the sale. What a fortuitous find for your camera’s eye though! =)

  2. It would certainly have been easier to just throw it out. They must be very optimistic or hopeful. Nothing ventured, nothing gained I guess.

    I really ought to take more pictures of some of the oddities I see in flea markets and yard sales.