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Altar and Stained Glass

Altar and Stained Glass – Christ Episcopal Church. Copyright © 2019 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

This morning I had a meeting at Christ Church. When it was over I went to find pictures to accompany evening prayers. The altar was bathed in a pool of light where the cleaner had turned on the altar spotlights and left the rest of the lights off. It made for a picture I couldn’t resist. I did have to move the vacuum cleaner out of the shot before I took the picture which makes it sound rather mundane, but I love empty churches. I find something very calming and soothing about them. I particularly like having churches to myself. I can be as reverent (or irreverent) as the mood takes me and there’s no one around to know. Empty churches are probably not the best publicity shots, but I like them.   

Copyright © 2019 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.