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Pause and Reflect

Pause and Reflect (Black and White)

The tradition used to be to review my year on my birthday.

I’d take off for the day and perform some navel contemplation, introspection, and preparation for the coming year.

Somehow that changed when I moved to the US. Now I use the new year to the same effect. Today, I did a bit of mental housekeeping, some stock taking, assessing, route reviewing, deliberating, and planning.

2017 was a mixture of exceptionally busy times and bouts of sloth, the latter of which I’d like to blame on burn-out brought on by working too much during the former. I was especially peeved by spending a week of my vacation in the UK working. But, hey, those are the breaks, and we do what we have to do.

Today I’ve completed my reflecting, and tomorrow I’ll start on the plan for the year to come.

Finally, 2018 and 2019 are, if I allow them to be, big years for me psychologically. In 2018 I’ll get to be older than my mother, and in 2019 I’ll be older than my father. That’s a couple of tough ‘anniversaries’ to ignore. Coincidentally during our visit to England this year I discovered I still own property there — my parents’ burial plot!

Now I’m off to do the dishes & scoop the cats before celebrating the new year in a few hours time.

Taking a moment for a self-portrait while reviewing my year

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