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Silliness on the Sac River Trail (365:120)


The real picture’s in the background.

Ginger, Katie and I put in a four-mile hike on the Sac River trail today. I was expecting the trail to be very muddy but it turned out to be surprisingly dry. During a brief stop I thought I’d grab a quick safety shot. I had an idea in mind. So it seems did Ginger and Katie. I could have gone with the more serious shot, but this one’s more fun. Ginger said she looks stupid – well that’s what you get for messing with my self-portraits. Katie’s comment was along the lines of “D’oh, you can’t see me licking mom’s hair – it was kewl.” Oh well, I’d wanted them out of focus in the background, little knowing the stunt they were going to pull once my back was turned, so tough!

We decided to stop for lunch at the old barn, where Ginger and I ate lunch on our last visit on March 28, We were surprised to find the building had collapsed, leaving just a pile of rubble where we had been sitting. The recent storms must have done for it, though checking the timbers there was a lot of termite damage which I’m sure escalated its demise.

After the hike we returned to Springfield via Braum’s where we each had a double dip cone. The calories in the ice cream cones probably exceeded the number of calories we consumed on the hike, but they were very yummy.

This afternoon I tried out my latest Backpacking wood burning stove again, unfortunately with no more luck. It burns well once lit, wood gas is being generated and it burns well too, but the stove is not producing enough heat to boil a litre of water in a reasonable time, or without adding more fuel. I sat and thought about it for a while; I’ve now got another design in mind, which is not based on any of the designs I’ve seen, but uses what I’ve learned about gasification and wood gas burners in general. Hopefully a I have a more efficient, easier to manage and more consistent configuration. Whatever happens I know I’ll have great fun designing, building and trying it out.

Today’s alternate shots & extras

Hiking the Sac River trail - Springfield Missouri
This would have been today’s shot but I prefer the more irreverent picture.
Double Dip Cone at Braum's
A reward for the day’s hiking
The old barn on the Sac River trail has collapsed
The old barn had collapsed since our last visit

The old barn on the Sac River trail had collapsed
Where has the barn gone?

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