Recycling (365:004)

Recycling. Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

It’s been a quiet day in Springfield.

Mainly because my day didn’t start until the afternoon. I fitted the remote temperature sensor for my new weather station, a Christmas gift from Carol and Jim. Now Lanie can check the outside temperature from inside the house without (a) recourse to the Internet or (b) going outside to check, losing our precious heated air in the process.

As we don’t have a kerbside recycling collection, this afternoon I took all the Christmas packaging and various ‘beverage’ containers we’d accrued over the holiday period to the recycling center. The center is near the high school, so it’s nice and easy to drop it off on the afternoon school run.

Now I just need to to settle down and do what I’m supposed to be doing, which is getting my course work done ready for Thursday evening’s class.

Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.