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Packing my backpack (365:049)

Packing my backpack
Packing my backpack

It’s a three day weekend, and to make the most of it tomorrow morning we’re taking the girls to their grandparents and then we are heading off into a nearby wilderness for a couple of days backpacking. Getzger and Alek are being left in charge back home, so hopefully the cats will be fed while we’re gone. With luck the weather will hold good, though they are starting to predict rain and Monday is going to be fifteen to twenty degrees cooler, so packing clothes for the trip’s a bit of a challenge.

Today we bought a rain cover for Ginger’s backpack and did the last of the shopping for the trip. We also had to get stuff ready for Lanie, who’s away on a sleep-over tonight. As soon as we can pick her up tomorrow morning, we’re off.

Today’s picture shows all my stuff ready to be put into my backpack. Total weight of pack and contents including food and water around 34-35lbs. Ginger carries half the food, cooking pot, fly sheet for the tent and the tent footprint. Her pack weighed in at 33lbs.

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