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My first pint of real beer in over two and a half years (365:174)


UK June 2011 – Day 9. A trip out to visit family

We were up early to go get the hire car, pick up my sister and then go off visiting family. We had a great time with my cousin, her family and my aunt. Several pictures of cute children resulted.

Back in Portsmouth it was my sister’s turn to put us up for a couple of nights, and before we knew where we were we were in a pub! Eight days in Blighty and this was my first chance at a real pint, so I grabbed it with both hands, and tried several more just to make sure. A friend in Springfield had specifically requested a picture of me drinking a pint in an English pub, so this is my picture for today.

Had the drinking stopped there all would have been well, but we carried on into the wee small hours back at my sister’s house. Apparently come bedtime it took me fifteen minutes to negotiate the spiral staircase up to the bedroom.

Today’s alternate shots & extras

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