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Hands (365:175)


UK June 2011 – Day 10. Today was a day for recovering

and sleeping in. The plan was to go out with friends and have a curry, I was just about ready at three when Liv came to pick us up. After admiring her new house we retired to a nearby pub with Nic and Nigel, subsequently we moved down to Eastney for the curry and ended up at the Eastney Tavern again. At least I managed not to drink quite so much this time, which is just as well as we have a morning appointment with a pony tomorrow.

Liv doesn’t like having her picture taken, so in deference to her request we have a picture of our hands – though I notice Liv slipped in an extra one. By the way, the last time I had a curry here was 18 January 2007.

The ladies suggested a bosom shot, and who am I to deny them? Nigel and I not to be outdone did our own parody of a shot taken several years ago, though the most accurate rendition has been consigned to the cutting room floor.

Coincidences being what they are, it turned out that Nic and Nigel know my sister and niece from many years ago when the Eastney Tavern used to be their local. However I only found this out when I started to introduce them to each other.

Today’s extras

Gary and Nigel, not to be outdone.
I'll pass on a title for this one
While Liv doesn't like having her picture taken, with a few beers consumed, the ladies suggested an anonymous bosom shot, and who am I to deny them? That's Nic, Ginger and Liv, left to right. Oops.

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