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May 2011

It’s been an expensive and disastrous month.On the plus side we did get to go hiking (twice), and backpacking for three days. Bringing the yearly totals up to 54 and 51 miles respectively. So far this year we’ve spent 12 nights out camping.

On the negative side, I’ve finished year one of my EFM course and I’m going to miss it. Then there was the accident with my hand: painful and very costly. The cats managed to break my camera, which (hindsight tells me) will cost more to replace than my medical bills, and the camera will subsequently be repaired for just $15.

1. Living with cats, 2. Drawing, 3. Making huaraches, 4. Crossing Camp Creek, 5. At the High School Orchestra concert, 6. Studying with cats, 7. EFM Retreat, 8. Lighting test, 9. Saké, 10. Processing, 11. Gary and a milling machine, 12. Broken Nikon Lens Mount, 13. Walmart veggies section, 14. Late night Saturday, 15. Three x-rays, one tetanus shot and twelve stiches later, 16. Workshop Accident, 17. Studying outside, 18. Clearing up the workshop, 19. Gary and Ginger being nauseating in the hall, 20. Sock puppet, 21. Muddy feet, 22. Sunday night movie, 23. Antibiotic, 24. Return, 25. Lights, camera, inaction, 26. Bull Shoals Lake – Normal Pool Elevation 654, 27. Off backpacking for the weekend, 28. Just before I stuck my head in the falls behind me, 29. Lunch by the bluffs on Long Creek, 30. Waking up in the tent without the fly sheet set, 31. New Gloves