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Weekend target practice

Beretta PX4 Storm and Sig P938. Copyright © 2022 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

There were two “must dos” for this weekend. Take some pictures of Jim’s artwork, and run at least 50 rounds through my Sig P938. I actually ended up going through more than 100 rounds, and Jim ran a few through his Glock, and also put a few through the Beretta and the Sig.

I was surprised at the rust on the Sig. I remembered thinking that Katie wasn’t looking after her gun (a Sig P238), but it is now looking like the Sig’s rear sights in particular attract rust. The rust is easy to see in the above picture, there’s some on the hammer, and I also spotted some on the base of one of the mags. Unlike the Beretta, which has been through many rain storms, the Sig’s only been exposed to the local humidity. The rust will easily clean off, but it is quite disappointing that the coating isn’t more weatherproof.

I wish I could get an Alien Gear holster for the Beretta1, but they don’t make one. I’ve adapted the retention holster I do have so that it uses the Alien Gear holster mount. Now either holster clips into my belt and any other mounts — like the new holster mount I’ve fitted to my hammock’s ridge line.

Apart from the visual imperfection of the rust, the Sig was fine, I could consistently hit an 8-inch target at 40 feet. There were a couple of occasions when the slide failed to lock back when the magazine was empty. I’ve read that’s a common problem.

we probably ran around 60 rounds through the Beretta, I had thirty rounds in the mags when I arrived. I had one failure to eject, which I think was my problem not holding it firmly enough.

It was all good fun, I now know the Sig performs well. We made a lot of noise and added a bit more lead into what must be an already well lead-impregnated hillside.


While Alien Gear Holsters still don’t make a holster for my Beretta, I found I could fit the Alien Gear holster mounting plate onto my existing retention holster for the Beretta. Now I can swap between the Sig and Beretta using the same mounting hardware on my backpack or belt.

Copyright © 2022 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.