Milwaukee Fastback 48-22-1990

Milwaukee Fastback 48-22-1990 – I’ve finally got around to replacing the pocket knife I gave to Katie. Copyright © 2022 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

I gave Katie my old Milwaukee Fastback knife in 2019 when she was living and working in Colombia.

It’s an inexpensive workhorse, but as I found out, this particular model, the 48-22-1990, seems to have been superseded by the 48-22-1520, which to me, looks to be an inferior product.

Reviews by people trying to buy this knife on Amazon say they are sent the wrong knife, and even the Milwaukee website has pictures of a different knife in their product listing (below). Notice how the blade is a different shape. The description claims the wire pocket clip is reversible, which it is on the real 48-22-1990, but a close examination of the product pictures they currently have shows the knife does not have a reversible clip, nor does it have the model number stamped on it — which mine have.

Not the Milwaukee Fastback 48-22-1990 that I’ve owned for many years… Image: Milwaukee Tool website

I could have had one shipped to a store near me for $15, but I didn’t want to mess with being sent the wrong knife. Instead, I indulged in a bit of online research, which led me to a seller on e-bay who has a stock of the 48-22-1090s in their original packaging, so I snapped one up. With postage, it cost me a bit more than the $15-$18 it should have done, but I’ve now got an exact replacement for the one I gave away.

I didn’t put a lanyard on my original knife, but given these are getting hard to find I think I will now.

Copyright © 2022 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.