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Another backpacking fashion show

Backpacking fashion statement – Not. Copyright © 2021 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Here I am all packed up, ready to head back to the trailhead and showing off what the well-dressed backpacker is wearing nowadays.

The Lightheart Gear hiking skirt is proving to be a lot better on the trail than my more traditional hiking kilts. It has six usable pockets, is very lightweight, sheds water, and dries quickly. The center snap is great for converting the skirt to baggy shorts when in public. Worn over a base layer it provides all the pockets you need while the base layer keeps you warm. It’s so light and compressible that I shall be testing taking the skirt with me on winter hikes for the warmer times of the day. Something I haven’t done with my much heavier and larger kilts.

The 19-inch hem and A-line design can present a minor problem if you prefer to wear your kilts/skirt ‘Regimental‘ style, and are backpacking in mixed company. In which case, a good pair of undies is an absolute necessity for sitting around at camp. Even with the center snap done up, you may inadvertently reveal more than you intend. Unless that is, you and your hiking companions are okay with you flashing everyone! As I tend to backpack solo and — in the warmer weather at least — I prefer a shorter hemline than the traditional kilt’s mid-knee, the skirt’s 19-inch hem is not a problem for me.

This minor modesty consideration is far outweighed by the skirt’s utility. If it’s really a problem you can order custom hem lengths (currently an additional $65).

Backpacking in a kilt/skirt

Regarding kilts, and now skirts, to restate something I wrote back in 2017:

Gentlemen, I have to say, if you are brave enough to wear a kilt, you will not regret it … I am now a huge fan, and intend to wear one hiking and backpacking whenever it’s practical. Once tried, there’s no turning back.

August 21, 2017

If you want comfortable, practical, and convenient trail clothing, you should give a skirt or kilt a try.

Copyright © 2021 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Updated: 11-23-2021.