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Supermoon – 2017

Super Moon

I missed the full ‘Supermoon’, it was cloudy. Rather than not bother at all, I thought I’d try and capture it the following night.

The resulting image didn’t have the big jump in image quality I was expecting moving from the X-ES2 to the X-E3. In part, because the moon was further away (and therefore smaller) than when I took my original ‘Beaver Moon‘ picture last year. And also because it was darned cold and I rushed things — forgetting to turn off the image stabilizer, and not bothering to use a remote shutter release.

The interesting thing (for me) about this picture, is that the in-camera jpg image was better than anything I could reproduce from the raw image. This seems to be a trend with the new camera. I find myself deleting the Raw files and working with the much better (and smaller) jpgs the camera produces. In fact, I’ve even caught myself going back to the camera and getting it to recreate a jpg from the raw file when I’ve decided that slightly different processing is required.

I’m not sure if this says bad things about Lightroom or my processing skills. I think (hope) the former.

Supermoon. Inset: the full frame.
Original Uncropped Supermoon image

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