Small Product Photography Set-up in a Closet (Our ‘photo closet’)

image of a closet used for small product photography.
Overhead camera mount. Copyright © 2017 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Back in June Ginger moved her studio to another of the bedrooms. She asked me to build a small product photo studio in the room’s closet. Below the photography area I fitted shelves to either side and there is room for two of her wheeled carts to fit in the middle. I also added another higher shelf – mainly to fix the lights to. We’ve bought some new LED lights with adjustable brightness and color. At the moment I’m not convinced that they are bright enough. We are going to add some black curtains to the walls so we can adjust the reflections and highlights.

So far it seems to work fairly well.


It worked well, but the space was too small. In 2023 we added a hidden ‘photo table‘ in another room.

Some sample images

This morning Ginger asked if I could add an overhead camera mount to the ‘photo closet’. After a bit of thought I came up with this arrangement which uses a drawer slide and a cannibalized tripod head.

Overhead camera mount
Close-up showing the drawer slide. Copyright © 2017 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

The remains of the tripod didn’t go to waste. I fitted a wooden top-plate to it and it can be used to hold an additional light.

Copyright © 2017 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.