Procrastinating In The Workshop

Photograph of a garage workbench - mid project

There are lots of other things I could be doing, like yard work.

Instead, I’ve chosen to make three cellphone stands and a couple of bench rollers.

It’s amazing the number of tools needed and the amount of mess created even for the smallest of projects. Both projects were completed, and no yard work was done. That’s at least a partial result, right?

My last project of the day was to declutter the workshop a little bit by finally putting bases on the bench rollers I’ve had for years.

Photograph of some simple tools on a workbench
Tools For A Simple Project

It’s surprising the number of tools you need for the most simple of projects.

All I did was cut a slot in some decorative blocks of wood to create some desk / nightstand cell phone holders.

  • Mallet – to hammer the bench stops into place
  • Big Level – straight edge to line up all the pieces for marking
  • Ear defenders – hearing protection while cutting & vacuuming
  • Set Square – I just used the rule for a straight edge
  • Quick Square – marking / measuring
  • Sandpaper – finishing
  • Micrometer – depth and width setting
  • Chisel – cleaning up cuts
  • Pencil – Marking.

Not shown:

  • Pry-bar – to get the bench stops out again!
  • Compound Miter saw – 15° slot cutting
  • Shop Vac. – dust control & clean-up
  • Compressor / air tank – dusting off
  • Paint Brush – final finishing

And that moment when you go to get your good paintbrush …
… and find that a teenager has been using it.

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