Evening Pleasures

Color, night photograph of an oil lamp, leather bound journal and a cold drink
Evening Pleasures.

An oil lamp, my journal, and unusually for me, a rum and Coke. All by the chiminea.

I wanted to add some ribbons to use as bookmarks in my journal, but I couldn’t find any at a reasonable (low) cost. I bought some colored string instead, but it didn’t always stay in place. So I’ve added charms to the strings to weigh them down. It’s a bit too fancy for my liking.

Color night time picture of book markers and charms in a leather bound hand-made journal.

Three strings – three sections. Bullet Journal, my personal journal, and a small sketch book.

I’ve now found a source of reasonably priced 1/8″ ribbon, so the charms will probably be gone soon.

Really I was just playing with the camera as I’ve not used it in the dark before. All these shots were hand-held.

Color, night photograph of an oil lamp and leather bound journal

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