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John’s Boat

Remember cap’n John? Well, he’s gone and done it now and bought himself a twenty-seven foot sailboat.

I went with him to Stockton to take a look. Pretty cool she is too. Though the high temperatures were not conducive to squirreling around in a boat that wasn’t near the cooling effect of a large body of water. The heat wasn’t very good for taking pictures either – the viewfinder fogged up and to be honest the heat inside – more like a sauna – meant I rushed things a bit. Outside the sun was bright making chimping impossible.

Besides having great fun peering into all the lockers and trying to work out what the various fittings and gizmos did, we also dropped off a locker at the marina pontoon where the boat will be kept. That gave us an excuse to examine all the other boats to see how they tied them up. Chain and rope seems to be the order of the day.

I also ought to mention that John treated me to lunch at the Red Barn in Stockton, (thanks John!) very yummy it was too – I had a burger, fries and the pleasure of being dripped on from the condensation forming on a very welcome overhead air conditioning vent.

Unfortunately the Google maps imagery of the area is too blurry to jog my memory as to what the establishment is called and they’ve not registered with Google places so it’s not marked on the map. Take note people, if you have a business at least register its location with Google – you never know when someone might want to mention you!

Update: however, John does recall the name of the restaurant, so I’ve updated the post. John either has a better memory than I do, or he visits his boat too often.