At the Camp Five Pond Trailhead

Parked at Camp 5 Pond, Irish Wilderness. Copyright © 2024 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

It’s good to be back. This might be a challenging trip, it’s very early in the season which means the trail is going to be impossible difficult to follow. I’m also hiking the trail ‘backwards’ — clockwise (South Loop first), leaving the eight-mile, possibly water-less, North Loop section for the last two days.

I’m carrying my full winter shelter (I have my summer tarp), even though the weather is going to be warm during the day, there are two nights around freezing in the offing. I know from experience how those can drop into the low twenties. I did a thirteen-mile trip in December with no problems, my first long trip since last May. Twenty miles in four days should be fine.

Gear Changes

  • New sandals. I bought an identical replacement pair for those I broke on my last trip.
  • I have the ‘Pocket Rocket’ gas stove instead of my Cat Can alcohol stove.
  • Pop Tarts! I’ve never eaten them before, but a lot of backpackers swear by them, so I’ve packed one per day.
  • New ‘Daisy Chain’ hammock suspension.
  • New tie-out for my tarp. I now have the same fittings on both my tarps.
  • I was going to take out my old pack, but I dropped that idea. Maybe when the weather gets warmer, and I’ll have a lighter loadout.
  • I’ve made a new stopper for my water filter.
  • If I could find my sit pad, I would have left my chair behind. But, I couldn’t so I’ve ordered a replacement — they are only $7.
  • and I’ve finally convinced myself I don’t need to pack as many clothes.

A whole bunch of gear changes, but nothing radical.

Copyright © 2024 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.