Trailside curiosities

The last time I hiked this trail, it was night, and I met a lost farmer on an ATV. This trip I noticed that another, much bigger, ATV has been on another part of the trail. From what I could see of the tracks it looked like it came in from the Tower Trailhead and made it about two-and-a-half miles down the trail before turning around and going back. My tracking skills, even of large heavy beasts like this, aren’t well honed so I could be wrong, but it definitely went both ways.

The second thing I saw was that the sign marking a witness tree, bearing tree, or something else had been fixed to another tree. The original tree blew down some time last year. I’m not sure what sort of a mark it is, as it is illegible (to me). I’m not sure why someone went to the effort of setting it up again when the markings have faded so much. Maybe there are plans to come back and replace it. Who knows.

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