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Kansas City skyline

Kansas City nighttime skyline from the  La Quinta hotel.
Kansas City Skyline. Downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Copyright © 2022 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

As I predicted it’s been a super busy time at work this October. More so than previous years and I’m about to finish this spurt with an 87-hour work-week.

I took this picture at 6:40 a.m. and I’d already been working for an hour and a half. Tonight is the Annual Convention Eucharist and reception. I’ll be busy behind the scenes, and then retreating back to the hotel to complete all the slides for the convention tomorrow. Then maybe, in a week or two, I can get out on the trails again. Though before that I need to catch up on some work around the house that’s been languishing while I’ve been busy with work.

It has been painful watching the wonderful fall color and weather from the confines of my office. With thoughts of mortality, it is time to review my workload and start packing in as much time outdoors as practical while I am able.

Copyright © 2022 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.