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Happy Gary in the woods

Happy Gary in the woods. Copyright © 2020 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Here I am, about a mile in and I had warmed up enough to stop and take my jacket off and drink most of my water. I’ll be able to fill my water bottle up when I get to Piney Creek.

The Hunter Orange beanie is a concession to the last two days of the ‘Deer – Firearms, Alternative Methods’ season1. I figure I don’t need to wear a Hunter Orange vest during the alternative season because the hunters have to get closer to their prey, and so are much less likely to mistake me for a deer. However, as someone on the MDC website pointed out, the problem is not only being mistaken for game, but being in the line of fire and not seen. That could get you into trouble.

My complete pack (picture below), weighed in at 26lbs including food, fuel and water. My front pack added another 5lbs to that, bringing the total up to 31 lbs (excluding the clothes on my back). Not too bad considering I took along the fleece throw on a whim and that weighs 1.5lbs.

Here’s a link to a complete list of my gear for this trip.

Copyright © 2020 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

1Alternative hunting equipment includes atlatls, crossbows, bows and arrows, muzzleloaders, and air rifles. They may have also added pistols into the mix this year.