Steam Punk Sidearm

Photograph of a steam punk weapon / side arm.

My sister is having a steam punk themed wedding,

so I’ve made myself this steam punk gun. After the wedding I’ll give it to them mounted in the frame below.

I spent a lot longer on making this accessory than I should have, but I’ve never tried making a model like this before. Touring the flea-markets looking for parts was fun. I ended up buying and old heat gun and a candlestick. I spent a lot of time working out how to make sure it was TSA friendly for the flight to the UK. The hardest bit was working out how to fix the candlestick in the barrel. The sights are an old transistor and I used a monitor cable, the top of a water bottle and some other bits from my junk box.   

Photograph of a steam punk weapon / side arm.

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