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Fishing on Pomme de Terre Lake

Clouds reflected in Pomme de Terre Lake, Missouri USA
Clouds Reflected in Pomme de Terre Lake, Missouri. Copyright © 2015 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Working for yourself has its disadvantages and advantages.

Seven day weeks and long hours are a couple of the disadvantages. One of the advantages is that when a friend asks if I want to go fishing, with a bit of re-arranging, I can ‘Hang spring-cleaning’ and be free to go.

Yesterday I put in an eleven hour day to clear my essential work, leaving me free to go fishing today with Tom on Pomme de Terre Lake. I’ve not fished on Pomme de Terre before. I’d love to be able to report on the huge numbers of fish we caught. Unfortunately, we spent four hours out on the lake and caught nothing. Nada, nil, nowt. Not even a nibble. I did catch a good-sized (10-15lb) rock. Tom caught a submerged tree and lost a lure to it – so we agreed he had the best catch of the day.

Three Fishing Lures
Fishing Lures – I tried all these tasty looking lures and more besides – including the (almost) always successful Crawdad lure. Copyright © 2015 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

I tried all sorts of lures to try and interest the fish. Not even a crawdad lure (my fishing secret weapon) drew any interest. Not to worry, it was a nice quiet day on the lake with lots and lots of casting practice, and I did manage to catch a few pictures.   

Copyright © 2015 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.