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Lanie at the Eastney Lifeboat Station

Lanie at Eastney Lifeboat Station. Copyright © 2014 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Vacation Day 25 – Waiting for the Beam Engine House to Open

We had a lot to cram in today. Move digs from our friend Liv’s to my sister’s house, go to church, visit the Eastney Beam Engine House and a barbeque with Roy and Jan.

I’d like to say we had another warm welcome at my old parish church of St. Margaret’s, Eastney. But truth be told we were totally ignored. Which is quite a feat with a congregation of a dozen or so. I was very disappointed and the church got an anonymous mention in the diocesan magazine. I used them as an example of how not to treat visitors, along with zero marks for having no online presence. Because they had no online presence We had no way of checking what the service times were, in the end we resorted to a drive-by on Saturday night to check.

The Beam Engine House didn’t open until 1pm, so we had time to kick our heels and watch the boats go by at Eastney Point before they opened, which is where this picture was taken. On a point of Historical interest the concrete ‘lump’ seen in the distance behind the catamaran, is a left behind Mulberry harbour from D-Day.

St. Margaret’s Eastney (Pictures from June 2011)

Copyright © 2014 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.