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‘Clay Day’ in Wales

Clay Day in Wales
Clay Day in Wales

Vacation Day 14 – A drive across the country

In the morning we took the boat sailing and went down towards East Somerton. I decided to cut the trip short as I was concerned about turning the boat around at the narrow staithe in the windy conditions. So we went back to the boat yard, dropped off the boat, put our lives in the hands of the GPS and headed of to Wales. To the uninitiated, that’s driving right across the country at one of the widest points (unless you are venturing into Cornwall). When Ginger’s contacts in the UK heard she would be in the country various ideas were put forward to enable her to meet up with some of them, and that’s how we ended up headed to Wales.

We found our destination – almost. The GPS wasn’t good enough to get us to the exact house and we couldn’t find it. So Ginger called Penny, our hostess for the next two nights, and Penny stood in the street outside her house waving so we wouldn’t miss it. Penny was very kind. She’d never met us, and hadn’t heard of Ginger, but she agreed to put us up for a couple of nights after one of her customers persuaded her to invite Ginger to a ‘Clay Day’ so they could all meet up. Lanie went off for the evening to spend some time with Penny’s granddaughter. Ginger and Penny talked. And talked… Lanie came back, and they still talked. And talked… In the end I had to remind them they had to be up early for the Clay Day. As for me, I took advantage of Penny’s Internet connection to catch up with some work.

Vacation Day 15 – Clay Day

I made myself scarce most of the day, getting a load of work done via the Internet. The great thing about working online is you can take your office with you when you go away. It’s also a big disadvantage as well though – as you are never totally out of ‘work mode’. I probably worked an hour or two most days, and put in a couple of full days too. I don’t quite think that everyone we stayed with – friends or family – realized that we had to keep working even though we were on vacation. That’s the trouble with running your own businesses,  we still have to keep working and earn the pennies!

During the day I took some pictures of Ginger and the Clayaround Clay Day group for Ginger’s website.

Next time we come to the UK we’re going to have to plan things much more carefully as Ginger could have been kept quite busy meeting customers and business contacts. Unfortunately we just didn’t think of setting aside any time for that on this trip.

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