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The Addams Family – Lanie as Morticia

The Addams Family - Musical
The Addams Family – Lanie’s night as Morticia. Copyright © 2014 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Tonight Lanie played Morticia

I’m really proud of Lanie. She did an absolutely fantastic job. Once again it was a cracking performance all round. They’ve been working on the show a couple of hours a night, four nights a week since early August. Lanie’s main role was as one of the ‘Ancestors’ – Cleopatra Addams, but tonight all the understudies had a chance to perform in their main roles. It was challenging as they’d not had a lot of opportunities to rehearse the roles, but they all did brilliantly.

Lanie’s family and friends turned out en masse to support her, and her father came down from Chicago to see her perform. After the show we had a very tasty Ice Cream Buffet in her honor and sat around talking late into the night.


This is something Ginger pointed out to me. I’m just a dad, sitting in the audience, I didn’t use a tripod and I most certainly never used flash (except for the pictures of Lanie and her father). My camera while good isn’t particularly special. All I did was be careful about selecting my seat and I took the time to learn how to use my camera and properly process my pictures. It’s not hard. Anyone can do this.    

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Copyright © 2014 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.