Ginger – October 2013

Ginger - October 2013. My pick of the session
Ginger – October 2013. My pick of the session

The final performance of The Little Mermaid is today. We had a spare hour between dropping Lanie off at the theater and when the doors opened. So, Ginger suggested we took advantage of the time to take a new profile picture. We drove to a near-by park down-town and wandered around looking for shade from the harsh sunlight and a backdrop that wasn’t obviously buildings or a play park. Above is my pick of the pictures. Ginger was a spoil-sport and wouldn’t let me take pictures of her on some of the rather curious looking concrete sculptures dotted around the area.

The following picture is the one Ginger picked for her new profile image – though this is my processing of it so it’s a different picture in many ways to the one she is using.

Ginger's pick of the session
Ginger’s pick of the session

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