A balmy Palm Sunday

Christ Episcopal Church

Don’t I wish it was a balmy day. It was 36°F and raining at 7:30am. Forty minutes later when I left for church it was 32°F and snowing. It didn’t stop until early afternoon.

It was a busy morning at church, both ushering and taking pictures.

The afternoon was spent processing the morning’s pictures and tending my various personal and business Internet gardens.

The evening started out with some most delicious roast tatties. After doing the dishes I finished the day working on setting up this website, which turned out to prove a little frustrating. However, my evening’s frustrations were instantly dispelled by two unprompted compliments I received. One in an email from a former colleague that said: “Gary. I can honestly say you were an inspiration and a supreme educator”. Then on the Christ Church Facebook page: “Gary, these photos are great. Thanks for this awesome ministry.” It reminded me of the value of praise and recognition.

Now I need to remember that and pay it forward.   

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