Hike over, back at the new registration point

New Trailhead and new registration point. There’s a new parking lot, and they’ve moved the trailhead so it is on the parking lot. Copyright © 2023 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

Trip over 18 miles hiked and 1500 ft of elevation climbed.

In case you’ve forgotten, I hurt my foot on Day One. It was a large wood splinter in the sole of my foot. I couldn’t get at it, so I just had to put up with the pain. By the time Ginger got to it, a scalpel was required to cut into my foot to get out the debris. There was a lot of pus. Some antibiotic salve did a great job in getting it to heal.

I managed to sort out my pack problems on Day Two, and now it fits better than ever. The shoulder straps just needed to be set unsymmetrically.

Copyright © 2023 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.