Day Two — ‘Deep Hollow’ to ‘Wahoo Point’ ‘Twin Falls Hollow’

It had been colder than forecast in the night, 21℉, but I stayed nice and warm. I didn’t get off to sleep until gone one a.m., and I slept in until ten, probably a result of eating late, all the excitement and my AFIB (catching up on YouTube videos, had nothing to do with it…).

Hammock camping in heavy forest. Hercules Glades Wilderness, Mark Twain National Forest. Missouri.
Camped above ‘Deep Hollow,’ in the sunshine this time — everything is pretty much as I left it when I was last here in August last year. I was late to sleep, so I slept in this morning. It’s almost noon already. Copyright © 2023 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

With sunset around six p.m. I needed to get a move on if I didn’t want to be hiking or setting up camp in the dark again. My plan for the day was to do some exploring in the hollow to the north of where I camp, and then head east back along the Pilot Trail, stopping at ‘Twin Falls Hollow’ for lunch, and then hike the remaining three miles to the Pees Hollow Trail and camp at ‘Wahoo Point’ as planned. That would give me the opportunity for a five-mile hike on the last day, so around 18 miles altogether.

Copyright © 2023 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.