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Balcary Bay Hike

Lanie, Heslan Island, Balcary Bay in the background
Lanie, Heslan Island, Balcary Bay in the background

Vacation Day 17 – A hike at Balcary Bay and the Solway Firth Coast

My uncle wanted to take us on a hike. We’ve been on hikes with him before… We protested about how out of condition we were, however, as Uncle Keith had a foot injury I reckoned we would be okay. Injury or not, Uncle Keith did well, and it was quite a hike for us as out of condition as we were.

We saw one of Britain’s only poisonous snakes, an adder. It tried to get away as soon as we approached it, and despite my best efforts to circle around and get a picture, it was too quick and hid in the long grass.

Once we got to the top of the cliffs there was a marvelous view. Checking the horizon, I was pleased to be able to point out the Isle of Man – just visible in the haze.

Lanie never thought to ask why Keith had brought a bag of carrots, she soon found out though.

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