Back to the wall (365:356)

It’s been a while since I took a wall picture. Working late again – 2am.

Today’s photograph was picked by Ginger (365:346)

Ginger said this picture is me. It must be the slight smile.

Day 324 (365:324)

Nothing more to say …

Day 284 (365:284)

Another wall shot.

Staring into space (365:255)

Staring into space (365:255) – I do a lot of mental staring into space, not so much actually gazing into the distance though. I’m having a bit of a mope at the moment. No real reason, just a minor self-pity fest. I’ll shake it off quite quickly. One-minute read

Tedious (365:251)

Tedious (365:251) – This 365 days project is a bit tedious at the moment.

Just me – reprise (365:244)

Just me – reprise (365:244) – Tonight’s picture is a reprise of a picture I took on my first 365. I wore more clothes this time and didn’t treat this one as harshly in post processing as I did the original shot. One-minute read, 2 pictures

The problem with dirty glasses (365:239)

The problem with dirty glasses (365:239) – I had terrible trouble with this shot.

Gary and Tubby (365:238)

Gary and Tubby (365:238). 3 pictures

Gary + wall = picture (365:229)

Gary + wall = picture (365:229) – Playing with some new lighting set-ups. 2 pictures

It’s me and the wall again (365:219)

It’s me and the wall again (365:219).