Infinity – Clever painting and carpet coordination. The areas outside the rooms were painted black and the carpet was also black, creating these visual stripes and making the corridor look like it went on forever.

Riverside Walk – Portland Oregon

Riverside Walk – Portland Oregon – Having settled in at the hotel I decided to go for an afternoon walk, and headed off towards the river. One-minute read, 8 pictures


Rivets – Detail of the structure of Steel Bridge, Portland, Oregon.

Motor Vessel Ken Mei

Seen through the structure of Steel Bridge, the motor vessel Ken Mei on the Willamette River, loading grain in Portland Oregon.

Railway Sleepers

Railway Sleepers – The strong smell of creosote reminded me of my childhood and brought these ‘new’ sleepers to my attention.

Steel Bridge

Steel Bridge – I crossed the river on this novel bridge during my afternoon walk around Portland. One-minute read, 3 pictures

Hotel Room, Hotel Eastlund, Portland Oregon

Hotel Room, Hotel Eastlund, Portland Oregon – The hotel has been remodeled recently and they’ve worked hard to provide a consistent theme throughout. It’s modern, clean and comfy, with a slight twist in the decor … +4