Photo Albums

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This year

All my most recent pictures from 2024. Click on the picture below to see all of this year’s pictures.


All my pictures organized by the year they were taken in. You can pick a year and browse through. Click on the picture below to go to the Timeline.

My all-time favorite pictures

It started off as my top-ten pictures, then my top-twenty, then thirty. Now there are over eighty pictures in this album. Click on the picture below to see my favorite pictures.

Outdoor Recreation

Pictures and notes about us doing what we do — outside 🙂 Click on the … You know what to do.


Family, friends, pets and more self-portraits than you can shake a hiking pole at.

Gary’s 365 Days Projects

One self-portrait picture a day, for 365 days. I completed two years (2007 & 2011), I failed miserably in my second attempt in 2008.

Vacations & Trips

We don’t get away often, but here’s what we get up to when we do.

My favorite pictures for each year

I have far more ‘favorite pictures’ than I’m willing to put into my ‘all-time’ favorites album. Click on a picture below to see all my favorite pictures taken in any given year.


All the stuff that doesn’t fit comfortable in the albums above!


Photo albums organized by where they were taken, more for my own entertainment than anything else.

The Ozarks

England & Scotland