Welcome to Breakfast in America

My photo journal is an eclectic mix of things; there’s no guiding theme or topic. It is whatever happens to catch my attention, what I’ve been thinking, doing, and whatever my current obsessions are. At the moment, they are clearing some of the backlog on my ‘honey-do’ list, backpacking and hammock camping.


  • Always Kiss Me Goodnight

    Always Kiss Me Goodnight Copyright © 2010 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

    I spotted these signs and the conveniently placed mirror. I couldn’t miss the opportunity for a self-portrait.

    Seen in S.T.D. East Trafficway, Springfield Missouri.

  • My new shelves all finished

    My new shelves all finished. Copyright © 2010 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

    I have somewhere to keep all my tools including the planes, router, scroll saw and drills Jim gave me, plus the shop vac, leaf blower, and chainsaw. I’ve also finally got around to fitting a vise to the workbench. I just need to give it another coat of paint, one coat wasn’t enough, but I needed a vise to build the shelves. I ended up fine-tuning the placement of stuff over a couple of days, trying to get the most frequently used tools closest to hand.    

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  • End of Day One – Almost Finished

    More workshop storage – End of day one. Copyright © 2010 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

    Most of the basic frame has been squared up and assembled. The shelves are ready for doweling and gluing. There are still three more shelves to fit. The whole shelving unit will stand against the wall to the right of my workbench   

  • Garage Project – Stage II. More shopping for lumber

    I need to set up storage space alongside my workbench. Copyright © 2010 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

    I need to set up storage space alongside my workbench. Today I grabbed the back of an envelope scribbled some plans and went off and bought the wood. I love how inexpensive good lumber (timber) is here. $7 for an eight-foot length of 2″x10″. Tonight it’s almost complete – though to get the shelving unit into place I’ll have to disconnect a bracket holding the garage door frame.

    2019: While my notes on this picture say I was shopping for lumber, I have a suspicion that this picture was actually taken in ACE hardware when I bought the feet for the shelving — Lowes don’t stock that item (well they didn’t then). The display’s don’t look like Lowes, and I see feet are mentioned in my shopping list.    

  • Happy New Year

    For some reason I thought New Year’s Eve was on Friday when actually it was on Thursday, so we had no arrangements made, and what with Ginger’s cold were not in a position to do anything anyway.

    In the end I made a few calls and spoke to friends and family in the UK which was very nice, but also somewhat depressing. It’s something I’m still not adjusted to; trying to balance being very happy here, while at the same time missing my friends and family in the UK. At times I feel both torn and guilty. Guilty because I can’t be with my family and UK friends, guilty because I miss my friends and family and feel sad, but should be happy in my new life, and that results in my feeling torn between the two. Especially when I have so many new and kind friends and family here who have made me feel most welcome. I’m sure I’ll find a balance at some point, but I’m not there yet. It’ll probably be about the same time I stop trying to get into the passenger side of the car when I’m driving.

    Looking back on the year there seems to be an interesting contradiction in my impression of it. On the one hand, I feel we’ve not achieved much, and then again we seem to have managed to cram in an awful lot and made major progress, some of which is in totally intangible areas.

    After twelve months of being in each other’s company virtually 24 x 7 Ginger and I still enjoy being together and are virtually inseparable. We organized and held our wedding, and of course, had Robert and Neil stay a few days. We’ve dealt with major issues with the kids. Ginger’s father’s accident and illness. We had Keith and Jon and Jacqi and Rik’s visits. I slipped into a major depression after Keith left in July which only really lifted when I was on the mission trip to Mississippi in August. The trip was profoundly rewarding and affecting. Throughout the year I’ve struggled with making major adjustments in my lifestyle, going from working to being in semi-retirement, and at the same time dealing with the stress and feeling of hopelessness and confusion associated with changing country and culture. Ginger and I have turned our long-distance relationship into a working partnership, and Ginger and the kids have had to adjust to having another person in the house. Not just someone staying for a few days, but someone living with them permanently and exerting his influence upon how things are done and organized. Big changes and adjustments for all of us.

    All in all, it’s been a good year. Here’s hoping for another.   

  • Ginger and Tubby

    Ginger and Tubby. Copyright © 2009 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

    Our resident Cat lady and Tubby, one of our four cats. Ginger must have known I was going to take a picture – she’s not wearing her glasses.

    For some odd reason the lighting tonight seemed to have a little extra zing. Maybe it was because Ginger doesn’t normally sit in that particular spot. Whatever, I knew exactly what I wanted to capture, and my lovely little Fuji worked its photographic magic.

    Ginger and Tubby. Copyright © 2009 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.
  • Blue Kitty

    Blue Kitty. Copyright © 2009 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

    Despite being a haughty madam I have to admit that from time to time she looks wonderful, and tonight under the lamp with the Christmas tree (blue of course) behind her it was a picture asking to be taken.

  • Honey-do List

    Photograph of Gary Allman working on a DYI project at his workbench in Springfield Missouri
    Honey-do. Copyright © 2009 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

    This week I’ve been working on my ‘Honey-do’ list and managed to cross off four items: Fitted a new front door, replaced the broken light switch in the kitchen and replaced the light fitting in Alek’s room.

    This afternoon saw me working on the fourth project, which involved performing major reconstructive surgery on the couch which was becoming rather saggy. It also involved a lot of close ‘head inside back of couch’ work, which my lack of near vision leaves me struggling, especially if the thing I want to see is at the top of my field of vision. The only way I can see things above me it to try and twist my head as far back as it will go to bring the offending item into the bottom near vision portion of my glasses.

    Using leftover two by four timbers to shore things up inside the couch will hopefully hold it all together for some time. Hmmm, I wonder if a couple of two by fours would do anything for my saggies?

    I thought all this Do It Yourself work was a fitting excuse to take a picture of myself and the completed workbench.   

  • Tra-la!

    Workbench folded away. Copyright © 2009 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

    The almost completed workbench, Just the pegboard, and some more shelves to add and it is finished.   

  • Workbench – Glued and Screwed

    Workbench – Glued and screwed – and checking if the bench legs fit as planned – they did. Copyright © 2009 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.

    And with added Gary

    Gary with the work in progress Copyright © 2009 Gary Allman, all rights reserved.