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Ceramic Fish in the backyard

Yard Work and Ceramic Fish

We cleared a bunch of yard work today. I borrowed Tom’s pole saw and cleared a load of limbs. Then I fixed …

Broken bearing bits

Washer Repairs (Part I)

Thursday night the washer started smoking. Obviously that’s not a habit to be encouraged, so I took a quick look and determined …

Ironed out

Ironed Out

This is a re-edit of a picture I took in September 2007. I’d just returned from 3 weeks in the US and was overwhelmed by the post vacation ironing.

EFM Mentors John Svagera and Meg Hanna present EFM Graduation Certificates to Marsha Patterson, Barbara Worman, and Gary Allman.

June 7, 2015 | Copyright © 2015 Ginger Davis Allman, all rights reserved

EFM Graduation

Today saw the end of my four years of study Though it took me five years to complete the course – I …

Cats Watching TV

Cats Watching TV

We’ve created a monster. Tubby now thinks any rectangular object is fair game to stare at. Picture frames for example. He also …

Photograph of a 9mm Desert Eagle semi-automatic handgun, pictured with a used target and some 9mm full metal jacket ammunition.

Range Time

I enjoy shooting. I find it relaxing and – believe it or not – peaceful…

Stockton Lake North of Cedar Ridge looking North East.

Fishing with Tom

It’s been nearly a year since Tom and I last went fishing… So, I was pleased when I got the text asking …

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

Time to sort out my fishing gear and clean and lube the reels. I’m going fishing.

High School Prom 2015

High School Prom

Lanie asked me to take some High School Prom pictures of her and some friends. They picked the location – the old …

Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance

‘Ghost of a Chance’ What a great job they did! (Click on a picture to see a bigger version.)

Lanie's Birthday

Lanie’s Birthday

Busy Lanie’s Birthday Lanie is in the middle of a very busy week. The play she is in was put back by …

Cover image for the Spirit Magazine, April 2015. Diocese of West Missouri. The cover features the new flame of the Easter Vigil, used to light the candles before the Easter Vigil service. Taken at Christ Episcopal Church, Springfield, MIssouri. Easter 2014.

Spirit Magazine April 2015

Volume 7 No. 2 This is my sixth issue of the Spirit magazine and includes my penultimate changes to the design which …

Taking it easy - going back to the trail head

Short Hike at Busiek

We wanted a fairly quick and dry hike Ginger didn’t want a repeat of Saturday’s wet and muddy trail. We didn’t want …