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Living happily ever after still means you have to clean house and do the dishes

Tubby the Telly Watching Cat

Tubby was very enamored with this bird video a friend posted to Facebook. He also took quite a shine to a video of the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church – Bishop Michael Curry. Who knew? Unlike Getzger Tubby has… Continue Reading →

I don’t think I need to add anything…

Are Microsoft killing off the desktop version of Outlook by making it unusable?

Lanie & Ginger

Ginger and Lanie did some posing while I set up the lighting ready to take some pictures of the kids later this evening.

Now let’s add in some cats…

Another Lighting Set-up Shot

The Perils of a Home Office

Sometimes it gets a little busy at my desk. It is also difficult to keep one’s desk tidy when there is someone sleeping on the papers most of the time.

Nail Gun

Have I ever mentioned how much I like my nail gun?

Blue and Yellow

The wonderful blues of our blue bottle tree against the bright fall yellow of the Sweet Gum tree in our front yard.

Clue: The Musical – Closing Night

Pictures from the closing night of Clue: The Musical Another great night, and a good job by everyone. Alek and Katie joined for tonight’s performance. And of course, another very quick processing job. Click any picture to see a slideshow… Continue Reading →

Clue: The Musical

Tonight we watched Lanie play Miss Scarlet The cast and crew did an excellent job as usual! These are a quick first edit. I won’t be able to edit more for a while as I’m busy preparing for and attending… Continue Reading →

Uh-oh! Looks like we need more bookcases

This is what three big plastic bins and ten cardboard boxes of books looks like. My books arrived along with my other possessions on January 12, 2009. At that time we had nowhere to put them and they’ve stayed in… Continue Reading →

Back to the Bookcases

(See what I did there?) Today I got a chance to put the final coat of varnish on the backs of the bookcases. Then this evening I indulged myself with an orgy of nailing with the nail gun. Always fun

Fishing Lures

No fish at all today. I tried all these tasty looking lures and more besides – including the (almost) always successful Crawdad lure. I didn’t even get a nibble. The fish were obviously elsewhere doing fishy things that precluded them… Continue Reading →

Fall at Pomme de Terre Lake, Missouri

The Fall color has really come along the past couple of weeks. You can see the rest of today’s pictures here.

Fishing on Pomme de Terre Lake

Working for yourself has its disadvantages and advantages. Seven day weeks and long hours are a couple of the disadvantages. One of the advantages is that when a friend asks if I want to go fishing, with a bit of… Continue Reading →

Bookcases – First Fit

Now these are out of the workshop I can stain and varnish the backs. Once they are fitted I’ve just got the edge trim to make and fit. Of course, now I know why I’ve been putting this job off…. Continue Reading →

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