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Glendale Speech and Debate Team Banquet

Tonight we went with Lanie to collect her speech and debate trophies Apparently it has been a record year – the tables were certainly full to overflowing with all the trophies the team has won. The team is now 13th… Continue Reading →


Clever painting and carpet coordination. The areas outside the rooms were painted black and the carpet was also black, creating these visual stripes and making the corridor look like it went on forever. You might expect to see two young… Continue Reading →


Detail of the structure of Steel Bridge, Portland, Oregon.

Motor Vessel Ken Mei

Seen through the structure of Steel Bridge, the motor vessel Ken Mei on the Willamette River, loading grain in Portland Oregon.

Railway Sleepers

The strong smell of creosote reminded me of my childhood and brought these ‘new’ sleepers to my attention. Note that they are composite and are not made from a single piece of wood.

Steel Bridge

I crossed the river on this bridge during my afternoon walk around Portland. I can vouch for all the modes of transport mentioned using the bridge. I saw them all while I watched and took my pictures. I got ‘trapped’… Continue Reading →

The Rocky Mountains from the Air

Portland Day 1. I’m traveling to the Episcopal Communicators’ Conference in Portland Oregon The conference runs Thursday and Friday, and I’m here for a pre-conference workshop on Wednesday. Saturday will be another travel day. I picked a seat too close… Continue Reading →

Font and Flag

Sometimes while I’m working I spot a picture that I want to take for myself, this is the second of the two pictures I took while documenting the area confirmation service at St. James’ here in Springfield. I was taking… Continue Reading →

Acolyte, First Cross

Sometimes while I’m working I spot a picture that I want to take for myself, here’s the first of two examples taken from a series of pictures I took at a confirmation service. I had positioned myself out of the… Continue Reading →

At my desk this morning

If I could just train Tubby to do my Facebook posting for me.

Now I Have a Fancy Green Pen For My Fancy Green Ink

Recently Ginger’s become besotted with fountain pens, and unfortunately a little bit of her enthusiasm has rubbed off on me. I’ve used fountain pens for years – since the seventies. I already have two quality pens, but the nibs are… Continue Reading →


In a moment of idle speculation I wondered what would happen if I stuck the camera lens up against the eye hole in our Kaleidoscope. Now I know! The cartridge has shards of colored glass in it.

Bookcase – Finished

I didn’t take a picture of the finished bookcase, so I took a couple today. On the original picture you can read all the titles. Hopefully, not so on the web resolution version. I am going to have to be… Continue Reading →

My Office Fur factory

When she’s not on my desk Blue Kitteh spends most of her time pushing Zees and generating fur on my spare chair. Another High ISO, Slow shutter speed, hand-held picture @ 1/10 sec.

Morning Welcome

Most mornings this is how I am welcomed to my desk. Blue Kitteh eagerly awaiting her morning petting session. She’s sassy and totally socially inept. Despite all her aloof and haughty ways, every now and then she gets an attack… Continue Reading →

Sanctuary Lamp

Today I snuck into the church to take some test photographs I enjoying learning about and using my new camera, and the pictures are a joy too. I was doing some lens and image noise tests. It seems to be… Continue Reading →


There’s something very serene about the view across the darkened church from the sacristy door. It made a nice change for me to be taking pictures in the church just for myself rather than for some official diocesan or church… Continue Reading →

Altar at Christ Episcopal Church Springfield, Missouri

I took some time out today to take a few pictures at Christ Church. I wanted to check out the new camera in the church before I’m there taking pictures ‘officially’. I was fairly pleased with a couple of the… Continue Reading →

Second Shoot of the Day – Jr. High Retreat

It was a questionable decision to do two photo shoots back to back with a new camera. It was probably a bad idea to do any shoots with a largely unused and untested camera. But we do what we have… Continue Reading →

‘Compact’ Rental

One of the advantages of being a regular rental customer appears to be that one gets a rather large compact vehicle. I don’t usually rent compacts, as they are not quite comfortable enough for the seven plus hours driving involved… Continue Reading →

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