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Another Short Hike on the Silver Trail at Busiek

We’re still working on getting back in condition. Today, we wanted to increase the distance and elevation climbed while not getting too wet and muddy, and not driving too far. We settled on hiking the complete Silver Trail at Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area. The Silver Trail shares some of its route with the […]


Short Hike at Busiek

We wanted a fairly quick and dry hike Ginger didn’t want a repeat of Saturday’s wet and muddy trail. We didn’t want anything too challenging either. And, we didn’t want to be out for too long. We decided to do a short and simple loop from the South Trail Head at Busiek. Short it was […]


Guy Fawkes Night

Tonight the Guy Lanie made in 2009 finally met his fiery doom. In Springfield having a bonfire and fireworks at anytime other than July would result in a police visit, so we’ve not been able to burn our Guy. In previous years we’ve hopefully dragged him out to friends only to have the bonfire cancelled at the local fire […]


The Addams Family – Lanie as Morticia

Tonight Lanie played Morticia I’m really proud of Lanie. She did an absolutely fantastic job. Once again it was a cracking performance all round. They’ve been working on the show a couple of hours a night, four nights a week since early August. Lanie’s main role was as one of the ‘Ancestors’ – Cleopatra Addams, […]


Lanie Meets Some Scottish Donkeys

Lanie never bothered to ask Uncle Keith why he’d brought carrots on a hike About halfway through our Balcary Bay hike we came across some donkeys running free. Lanie was in her element, and thanks to Uncle Keith able to feed the donkeys. They were “Soooo cuuute…”