I take a lot of pictures – over 26,000 in the last six years. I’ve picked out the best not only as examples of my work, but images that provide an insight into what we’re doing, the people we hang out with, and the places we visit. You’ll see my favorite pictures, my photo journals, my voluntary and paid work.


When I get time to write more lengthy posts, this is where you’ll find them. Here you’ll find out what I’ve been up to and where we’ve been. It’s quite possible that this section will turn out to be mostly links to our camping, hiking, backpacking and paddling website.


I’m continually reading, learning, and researching stuff. I’m one of life’s life-long learners. Here you can read about the things that capture my imagination, ideas, images and innovations. Not surprisingly this section will end up with the least content.

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Chimney Sweep

In the UK chimneys are swept from the bottom up. I might have expected things to be different in the Ozarks…

[Today I swept Tom & Rebbie's chimney. Tom had an operation on his back a short while ago and doesn't need to be climbing on roofs.]


Quick winter hiking clothing test

With temperatures down to 18°F (-8°C) and six-seven inches of snow on the ground, I thought it would be a good opportunity to check how my hiking clothing fared. I also thought it’d be fun to check how well my huaraches and woolen toe socks held up in the conditions.