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Living happily ever after still means you have to clean house and do the dishes

Tubby Back-lit

Tubby (a.k.a. Rotters) was sitting on the end of the bed and I rather liked the back lighting. I thought I’d try a grab a picture. Look carefully and you can see his strange eyes. The poor cat is blind… Continue Reading →

An Afternoon Kayaking on the James River

July 21 I took Luke for an afternoon kayaking on the James River at Springfield, Missouri [12 pictures].

Evening Pleasures

An oil lamp, my journal, and unusually for me, a rum and Coke.

An evening with the Chiminea

Despite the heat we decided to light the chiminea. Ginger went off to bed early and I stayed out contemplating my navel, life, the universe, and everything. Fire is so addictive and soothing. I really enjoy the chiminea.

Journaling Re-boot

After a long break I started journaling again at the beginning of the year. I had been using A5 notebooks because they fitted nicely in my leather TMI binder. The problem with the TMI binder is that it is big… Continue Reading →

Driving in Traffic in the Ozarks

UK friends and family seeing this might begin to get an idea of why I don’t like driving in the UK. 100 miles of driving and this is about as busy as it gets. After all the upgrades I’ve had… Continue Reading →

It’s a Sprink in a Box

No box is too small for our Maine Coon, Supa-dink aka Sprinkles.

Steam Punk Wedding Outfit

I decided to go all-out on a costume for my sister’s wedding. This is not quite the final version as I’m not happy with the shirt and it needs some sleeve bands. The watch chain also needs attention and I… Continue Reading →

Steam Punk Sidearm

My sister is having a steam punk themed wedding, so I’ve made myself this steam punk gun. After the wedding I’ll give it to them mounted in the frame below. I spent a lot longer on this that I should… Continue Reading →

This Weekend’s ‘Compact’ Rental

The people at Enterprise on South Campbell look after their regular customers. I asked for a compact vehicle for the weekend, this is what they gave me (and unlimited mileage too). Grace Church, Carthage, Saturday, and St. Mark’s, Kimberling City,… Continue Reading →

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